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Natural Resources

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1. Word cloud
120 seconds
Name as many natural resources as you can.
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Natural resources are materials found in nature that are used by people. Examples of natural resources are air, water, soil, animals, plants, minerals, and energy. We can use renewable resources over and over again, but non-renewable resources eventually run out.
Natural Resources
3. Poll
60 seconds
What is a natural resource?
  • A man-made object
  • A type of animal found in the wild
  • Something found in nature that is useful to humans
  • Something made by humans for their use
4. Drawings
480 seconds
Draw three examples of natural resources.
5. Poll
60 seconds
Which of the following is a natural resource?
  • Toy car
  • Plastic bag
  • Video game
  • Water
6. Slide
60 seconds
Natural Resource: A material found in nature that is not created by humans, but that humans value. Renewable Resource: A natural resource that can be replaced or regenerated over a reasonable period of time, such as water, soil, and trees. Nonrenewable Resource: A natural resource that cannot be replaced or regenerated within a human lifetime, such as coal, oil, and natural gas.
7. Personalised Feedback
360 seconds
What are some of the ways that natural resources are used?
8. Drawings
450 seconds
Draw a monkey juggling bananas while riding a unicycle

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