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New student at school

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1. Slide
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A New Student is Coming to 9th Grade!
Meet and welcome your new classmate to your school and classroom! Help your new classmate get acquainted with the school by introducing them to other students and staff. Be open to making a friend and learn something new from them!
2. Open question
220 seconds
What can you do to help a new student feel welcome at our school?
3. Open question
220 seconds
What challenges do you think a new student will face?
4. Open question
210 seconds
How do you think it might feel to be the new student at our school?
5. Drawings
190 seconds
Brain break: Draw a flying pineapple with a mustache and superhero cape
6. Poll
20 seconds
What is a common feeling for a new student on their first day of school?
  • Excited
  • Bored
  • Nervous
7. Poll
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What is the best way to make friends as a new student?
  • Ignore everyone and focus on studies
  • Stay alone and avoid socializing
  • Introduce yourself and join clubs or activities
8. Poll
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Who can you approach for help or guidance as a new student?
  • Popular students
  • Bullies
  • Teachers
9. Poll
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What is the importance of asking questions as a new student?
  • To annoy teachers
  • To impress classmates
  • To gain clarity and understanding
10. Poll
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How can you adapt to the new school environment quickly?
  • Complain about everything.
  • Isolate yourself from others.
  • Be open-minded and friendly towards others.

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