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Online Etiquette

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What is your favorite game/movie/TV character?
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What is the most important rule of online etiquette?
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Respect others’ opinions and beliefs even if you don’t agree. Be mindful of your language, tone, and attitude when posting online. Be aware of what information you post and share online.
Online Etiquette For 8th Grade Students
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Netiquette: the etiquette guidelines for communicating online, which include respect, politeness, and consideration for other users. Cyberbullying: the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. Digital Footprint: the trail of information that you create when you use the internet, which can be seen by others and can remain online permanently.
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More than half of the world’s Internet users are under the age of 25, so it’s important to be mindful of your online etiquette when communicating with others. In some cultures, it is considered rude to respond to a message too quickly, so you should be aware of different cultural norms when communicating online. When communicating online, it is considered polite to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, even if it is casual conversation.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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What is the best way to communicate online with respect and kindness?
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What are some potential consequences of not following good online etiquette?
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Which of these is something you can think about to make sure that you are being respectful and kind when you are communicating online?
  • Can the message be misread
  • Would it be acceptable to say this to someone’s face?
  • Would an adult approve of this message?
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Question: What are some online etiquette rules that should be followed when in a group chat? Clues: • Think about language, tone, and volume. • Respect other people’s opinions. • Be courteous and polite to others.
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What does the term 'trolling' mean in online etiquette?
  • Posting inflammatory comments to provoke others
  • Sharing memes
  • Using emojis excessively
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Which of the following is considered bad netiquette?
  • Writing in all caps
  • Using proper grammar and spelling
  • Responding quickly to messages
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Which kind of statement would be appropriate to post online?
  • telling someone their opinion is stupid
  • complimenting another person
  • posting information without citing sources
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Why is talking with someone in person so different from talking with someone online?
  • Reading someone’s words online is exactly like watching expressions.
  • Tone of voice is hard to interpret through text.
  • Everyone agrees with each other online.
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What does it mean when someone uses the acronym 'BRB' in a chat conversation?
  • Be Right Back
  • Bye Bye Robot
  • Bring Real Beer

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