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(POS) Prepositions

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Parts of Speech
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A preposition is a word that describes or indicates the location or direction of objects in a sentence There are several kinds of prepositions. Prepositions of time, place, and movement.
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Example: The diver swam in a large fish tank.
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Example: The praying mantis sat upon a leaf.
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Example: She wrote on a page in the book.
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Commonly Used Prepositions
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Create a sentence that uses a preposition (or two) that describes this picture.
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A prepositional phrase is a group of words that begin with a preposition and ends with its object Examples: (ID the preposition and the object) over the hill through the woods around the corner
Prepositional Phrases
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Which is the preposition and which is the object? The praying mantis sat upon a leaf.
  • O: praying mantis P: upon
  • O: leaf P: upon
  • O: praying mantis P: sat
10. Drawings
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Draw a picture that illustrates the prepositional phrase: The clown's car on the side of the road had a flat tire.

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