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Paraphrasing practice

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What is paraphrasing in just a few words?
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Paraphrasing: What it is and How to Do it
Paraphrasing is a way of expressing someone else's ideas and thoughts in your own words. When paraphrasing, you must keep the same meaning as the original content but use different words and sentence structure. To paraphrase, read the content carefully and then rewrite it in your own words without looking at the original source.
3. Open question
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How does paraphrasing differ from quoting text?
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What are the benefits of paraphrasing?
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What strategies can you use when paraphrasing?
6. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a dinosaur riding a unicycle while eating ice cream
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What is the definition of paraphrasing?
  • Restating someone else's words or ideas in your own words
  • Using synonyms to replace a few words in a sentence
  • Copying someone else's work word for word
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Which of the following is an example of paraphrasing?
  • The author said, 'Exercise is good for your health.'
  • The author stated that exercise can improve overall health.
  • 'Exercise can enhance one's overall well-being,' according to the writer.
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Why is paraphrasing important?
  • To avoid plagiarism and give credit to the original source
  • To confuse readers by changing the meaning of the original text
  • To make your writing more concise and clear
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What are some techniques you can use to paraphrase effectively?
  • Changing sentence structure
  • Summarizing main points
  • Using synonyms or different vocabulary
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When should you include a citation when paraphrasing?
  • When using specific facts or statistics from a source
  • Never, as long as you change some words in the original text
  • Only when quoting directly from a source
12. Open question
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Work together in pairs: Q: What is the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing, and how can you effectively paraphrase a sentence?

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