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Being able to identify the author or character's perspective in a text can help you understand what the author/character thinks or feels. This can help you better understand the story, and make identifying things like theme and tone much easier!
2. Word cloud
120 seconds
What is perspective? Put in your own words
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Identify the character’s perspective in a literary text? Explain how an author can develop a character's perspective in a literary text.
Learning objective:
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Perspective is the way you see and understand the world around you. Try to understand the perspectives of others to gain a better understanding of the world! When you apply that to reading, perspective is how the author or character feels and thinks about something that is happening to them or around them.
Gaining Perspective
5. Drawings
240 seconds
Brain break: Draw a goofy, googly-eyed pizza slice with arms and legs going for a swim in a bowl of tomato sauce.
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Perspective is a visual drawing technique that was used as early as the 15th century in Italy. The way we perceive the world changes over time as our experiences and knowledge expand. The term 'perspective' comes from the Latin word 'perspectiva', which means 'the ability to see through'.
Did you know?
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A curipod slide
A child
A lumberjack
Your neighbor
8. Open question
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What is one way an author can develop a character's perspective in a literary text?
9. Word cloud
120 seconds
How might your perspective change if you were able to see a situation from someone else's point of view?
10. Poll
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What is perspective?
  • A musical instrument
  • A way of looking at things
  • A type of painting
  • A type of food
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How does perspective help us understand the text?
  • By making everything look the same
  • By giving us insight into thoughts & feelings
  • By confusing us
  • By making things disappear

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