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In what ways has your perspective changed since starting 8th grade?
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Perspective is a way of viewing the world that is unique to each individual. It's important to consider multiple perspectives when making decisions or trying to understand someone else's point of view. Developing empathy and understanding of different perspectives can help you see life in a more meaningful way.
Perspective: Seeing Things Differently
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Perspective is a way of looking at or thinking about something. It is formed by a person’s beliefs and experience and can be different from person to person. Point of view is the attitude or opinion that a person has on a particular subject. It is a perspective on a situation or event. Bias is a prejudiced point of view. It is a tendency to look at something in a partial or one-sided way, often resulting from a preconceived belief or opinion.
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5. Open question
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What perspective did the old woman have at the beginning of the story?
6. Open question
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How did her perspective change by the end of the story?
7. Open question
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What is one situation where you have had to look at a situation from multiple perspectives?
8. Open question
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How has understanding multiple perspectives changed the way you think about a certain topic?
9. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a sassy talking piece of broccoli wearing a bow tie.
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What is perspective?
  • A particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view
  • A type of drawing technique
  • A style of architecture
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What type of questions can help you gain a new perspective?
  • Open-ended questions that challenge your assumptions and beliefs.
  • Closed-ended questions that confirm your assumptions and beliefs.
  • Yes-or-no questions that provide simple answers.
12. Open question
180 seconds
Work together in pairs: What is one example of how perspective can shape the way we interpret a situation?

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