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In music, what is a pitch?
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What is Pitch in Music?
Pitch is how high or low a sound is. The space between two pitches is called an interval. Different pitches are made by changing the frequency of the sound. The pitch of a sound can be changed by playing faster or slower.
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pitch in music
Pitch in music is the frequency of a sound that can be measured in hertz (Hz). It determines how high or low a note sounds.
The accuracy of the pitch prevents a wrong note from playing, causing a less then pleasant sound.
Most bands and orchestras will use A440Hz to turn their instruments.
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Did you know?
A sharp sign will raise the pitch in music (make it slightly higher) A flat sign will lower the pitch in music (make it slightly lower) The pitch of a note can be affected by the temperature of the room, as hot air molecules vibrate faster than cold air molecules.
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To make the pitch go higher, your air needs to go__________.
  • slower
  • warmer
  • faster
  • colder
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What is pitch in music?
  • The loudness of a sound
  • The duration of a sound
  • The highness or lowness of a sound
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Which term describes the distance between two pitches?
  • Interval
  • Tempo
  • Harmony
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Which musical term refers to the ability to accurately sing or reproduce a specific pitch?
  • Pitch bending
  • Pitch modulation
  • Pitch accuracy
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Which symbol is used to notate a higher pitch in sheet music?
  • #
  • Sharp
  • Flat
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What is the standard tuning pitch for most orchestras and bands?
  • E329.6 Hz
  • A440 Hz
  • C256 Hz

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