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Professionalism & Communication Part 1


CETL Team building presentation April 2023

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write three words you think define professionalism.
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Only 8% of employers believe that college graduates are adequately prepared for the workplace in terms of professionalism and etiquette. 71% of employers say that a lack of professionalism and etiquette is the primary reason they don't hire new college graduates. 76% of employers believe that professional attire is important in the workplace.
Did you know?
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What are some key values of professionalism?
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Professional values are sets of beliefs and behaviors that contribute to the success of an individual and to their organization. These values include integrity, respect, hard work, and accountability. These values are essential for building trust and creating a positive, productive work environment.
Professional Values
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What are the benefits of having a cell phone etiquette at work?
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Silence notifications, sounds, and ringers when you are in meetings or other work-related gatherings Work-related videos or other media with sound should be played while wearing headphones. Personal use of social media sites/YouTube should be conducted outside of working hours. Personal phone calls and conversations should be taken outside the office.
Workplace Cell Phone Etiquette
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What is the most important aspect of cell phone etiquette for you to remember when using your cell phone at work?
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Which one is a characteristic of Empathy?
  • Understanding and acknowledging other perspectives.
  • Is an important part of effective communication.
  • Everyone has a natural inclination to be empathetic.
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Disagreements are almost inevitable in a workplace with differing opinions. It is important to ensure that disagreements are handled in a positive and professional manner. Disagreements can be used to create a more productive workplace atmosphere. Listen attentively and let everyone share their perspective. This is key to collaboration.
Disagreements in the Workplace
14. Open question
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Which Sentara commitment requires professionalism as a standard practice?
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My commitments are to: ALWAYS keep you safe ALWAYS treat you with dignity, respect, and compassion ALWAYS listen and respond to you ALWAYS keep you informed and involved ALWAYS work together as a team to provide you quality healthcare
Sentara Commitments
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Assigned in Workday " Being an Effective Team Member" Please be sure it is marked complete when finished. Complete by Thursday, May 4.
Workday Training Module

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