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Properties of water


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Penny Lab Water Notes Water WebQuest (you will need your laptops)
Agenda for the Day
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Penny Lab
3. Drawings
750 seconds
Draw a smiling donut holding a coffee cup
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Water is a polar molecule, meaning it has a positive and negative side. It has a high surface tension, which is why it can form drops. It is considered the universal solvent
The Properties of Water
5. Open question
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Why does water dissolve so many things?
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Polarity: Cohesion Adhesion Surface Tension
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Solute: The substance that is being dissolved Solvent: The dissolving medium Solution: Solute + Solvent
8. Word cloud
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What are ways to make dissolving things easier?
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Access Canvas and click on the link that says "Water WebQuest" and work on this. This will help with some research for your project.
Water WebQuest
10. Drawings
750 seconds
Draw a five-legged elephant in a field of polka dots wearing a top hat

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