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What is the definition of a variable in programming?
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Draw a smiling flower with wings flying across the page.
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Input in Python takes the form of text, numbers, and other data types that are entered into the program. Output is the data that the program produces or displays in response to the input. Variables are used to store data in memory and are referenced by name.
Input, Output, and Variables in Python
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Input: Refers to the data that is given to a program either through the user or another program. This data is used by the program to produce a certain outcome. Output: Refers to the data that is produced by a program after it processes the input data. This could be a result of a calculation, a printed message, or a new file. Variables: A variable is a named location in the computer's memory which stores a value of a certain type. The value stored in a variable can be changed throughout the program's execution.
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Python variables are actually pointers and not the value itself. A variable points to its assigned value in memory. Python input() function always takes input as a string, so you will need to convert it to the desired type. Python allows you to write code that can take input from multiple sources, such as keyboard, mouse, files, etc.
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What are the differences between a variable, an input, and an output in Python?
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What is the output of the following code: print('Hello ' + name)
  • 'Hello name'
  • 'name'
  • 'Hello '
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'print()' function in Python can be used for which of these purposes?
  • To take input from user
  • To define a new function
  • To display output on screen
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Which symbol represents equality in Python?
  • <>
  • ==
  • !=
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What is an example of an output variable in Python?
  • An argument passed to a function.
  • The result of a calculation.
  • A value read from user input.
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What is an input variable in Python?
  • A value provided to a function when it is called.
  • A variable that stores the output of a function.
  • A type of loop in Python.

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