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Acknowledgement of Country
I respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which I stand. I pay my respects to their elders past, present and emerging, and recognize their continuing connection to this land, waterways and community. I acknowledge the role of our first teachers on this land, passing on knowledge and culture. I recognise the significant contributions and enduring presence of the traditional Darug teachers in shaping the rich cultural heritage of this region. May we all continue to learn from the wisdom and teachings of the Darug people and their ancestors, and may we honor and respect their ongoing connection to this land.
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What is one word to describe reading fluency?
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Improves comprehension of texts. Increases confidence and motivation when reading. Provides a greater understanding of language and vocabulary.
The Benefits of Reading Fluency
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Work together in your groups: How can you use the lessons we create to help improve your student's reading fluency?
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Reading fluency can be improved with regular practice. Reading aloud for 10 minutes a day can help students become more comfortable with reading and improve their fluency. Studies have shown that reading with emotion can improve fluency. It’s important for students to practice reading with expression and feeling to increase their fluency. Reading fluency is not just about speed, it is also about accuracy. Students must practice reading with accuracy in order to improve their fluency.
Did you know?
8. Open question
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Work together in your groups: What do you think are the positives to using the fluency assessment tool?
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Brain break: Draw a superhero pineapple fighting an evil donut
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Tracking Fluency
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Which strategy can help improve reading fluency?
  • Writing summaries
  • Repeated reading
  • Listening to music
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What is the purpose of assessing reading fluency?
  • To test grammar knowledge
  • To measure intelligence
  • To identify areas for improvement
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