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Recap of The Black Death

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In a few words, describe how the Black Death impacted medieval society.
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The Black Death was a pandemic that swept across Europe in the 1300s, killing millions of people. The Black Death caused a dramatic decrease in the population, leading to a labor shortage and increased wages for the survivors. The Black Death also caused social, economic, and political disruption, with lasting effects that are still felt today.
The Black Death and its Impact on Medieval Society
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The Black Death caused a shortage of labor, leading to the rise of wages and the end of serfdom in Europe. The Black Death is believed to have wiped out between 30-60% of Europe's population. The Black Death has been linked to an increase in artistic creativity as survivors sought solace in art and literature.
Did you know?
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What role did rats play in spreading the Black Death?
  • They carried fleas that spread infected blood from human hosts
  • They ate contaminated food and then spread it through their droppings
  • They directly transmitted bacteria through bites or scratches
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How long did it take for Europe's population to recover from the effects of the Black Death?
  • More than a century
  • A few decades
  • It never fully recovered
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What was the estimated death toll of the Black Death in Europe?
  • Between 75 and 200 million
  • Between 25 and 50 million
  • Between 10 and 20 million
  • Less than one million
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How did the Black Death affect laborers in medieval society?
  • They gained greater bargaining power due to a shortage of workers
  • They lost their jobs due to a surplus of workers
  • Their wages increased due to high demand for their work
  • Their wages decreased because there were too many workers available
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Draw a goofy-looking dinosaur playing a piano while balancing a slice of pizza on its tail

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