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Resolving conflicts

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In one word, how can you help resolve a conflict?
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"Students should get ideas about how to resolve conflicts related to resources "
Learning objective:
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Understand that everyone has different points of view. Listen to each other. Find a solution that works for everyone.
Resolving Conflicts
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Compromise: A situation where two people or groups agree to accept something different than what was originally wanted or expected. Negotiation: A process of communication between two or more parties to reach an agreement. Active Listening: A process of listening attentively to the speaker and understanding their feelings and needs.
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What is the best way to resolve a conflict?
  • By talking and listening to each other
  • By fighting
  • By telling someone else to solve it
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What should you do if someone is angry with you?
  • Listen calmly and try to understand their point of view
  • Yell back at them and make things worse
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What should you do if someone tries to hit or hurt you during a conflict?
  • Walk away and tell an adult immediately
  • Hit them back so they know not to mess with you again
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How can we show respect during a conflict?
  • By being polite and calm
  • By being rude and disrespectful
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Why is it important to resolve conflicts peacefully?
  • So everyone involved can feel happy again
  • To make the situation worse
11. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What can you do to stay calm and resolve conflicts peacefully?

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