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To review First Past the Post and the Additional Member System To explain the advantages and disadvantages of both.
Learning objective:
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Key terms - memory game
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The UK uses a 'first past the post' system for General Elections, which means the candidate with the most votes wins the seat regardless of their share of the vote. Other voting systems, such as proportional representation, are used for other types of elections. The UK has also held referendums on whether to adopt the Alternative Vote in 2011.
Comparing Voting Systems in the UK
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What type of voting system is used in the UK elections for Westminster?
  • First-Past-the-Post
  • Proportional Representation
  • Preferential Voting
  • Instant Runoff
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First Past the Post (FPTP) - This is the current UK voting system where the candidate with the most votes in a constituency wins the seat in the House of Commons. Proportional Representation (PR) - This is a voting system where the percentage of votes cast for each party is reflected in the number of seats they are allocated.
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Pros and Cons of FPTP
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Fill the Gap puzzle
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What are the pros and cons of FPTP?
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What is the Proportional Representation system used in the UK?
  • STV
  • BBC
  • FPTP
  • AMS
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AMS Fill the Gap
15. Open question
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What advantages does the AMS voting system offer over FPTP? (1 answer)
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Analyse the ability of any one electoral system used in the UK to provide fair representation. Evaluate the effectiveness of a voting system you have studied in giving fair representation "FPTP is the more representative voting system" Discuss
SQA essays
17. Open question
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What advantages does the FPTP voting system offer over AMS? (1 answer)
18. Open question
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What do you think would be the best voting system to use in a democratic society? (1 answer)

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