Role of the SNA

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What do Special Needs Assistants do?
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The role of the SNA includes
Care assistants provide help and support to people with physical or learning disabilities, mental health problems or other illnesses. They help people to live as independently as possible, providing assistance with daily tasks such as washing, dressing, eating and toileting. Care assistants also provide emotional and social support to those in their care, treating them with dignity and respect at all times.
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What qualities do you think are most important in a care assistant?
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Organizational skills
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Special Needs Assistants
Provide support to individuals with special needs, such as physical or mental disabilities. Assist with activities of daily living, such as personal care, mobility, and communication. Help individuals to live as independently as possible and reach their goals.
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Special Needs Assistant
Special Needs Assistant: A person who assists those with special needs to perform everyday tasks and activities.
Adaptive Technology: A term used to describe any device or technology that is used to improve the functional capabilities of a person with special needs.
Inclusion: A term used to describe the process of including people with special needs in typical activities and environments alongside people without special needs.
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Do special needs assistants provide valuable services to their clients?
  • Yes
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  • Not Sure
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Did you know?
Special Needs Assistants can help students with disabilities to complete activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing, feeding, grooming, and toileting. Some Special Needs Assistants are able to provide physical or medical support to their students. A Special Needs Assistant can be trained to use specialized equipment, such as wheelchairs, lifts, and walkers, to assist their students in mobility.
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What challenges do special needs assistants face in the workplace?
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How does the role of a Special Needs Assistant (SNA) contribute to the overall learning and development of students with special needs in a classroom setting?
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What have you learned about the role of a special needs assistant?
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How do you feel about your ability to provide support for special needs children?

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