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Run-on Sentences


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1. Poll
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What is a run-on sentence?
  • A sentence that keeps running away.
  • A sentence with too many words.
  • A sentence that is very fast.
  • A sentence that does not have enough punctuation.
2. Slide
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Run-on Sentences is when two sentences are put together. Run-on Sentences do not have enough punctuation.
3. Word cloud
120 seconds
Can you give me an example of a run-on sentence?
4. Drawings
450 seconds
Brain break: Draw a unicorn sitting on a cloud, eating a giant ice cream cone.
5. Open question
180 seconds
What is one way to fix a run-on sentence?
6. Slide
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You can fix a Run-On Sentence by...
Adding a period and capital letter Adding a comma and conjunction
7. Poll
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Which of the following is an example of a run-on sentence?
  • I like to play soccer I also enjoy swimming.
  • I have two cats, and they are very cute.
8. Open question
210 seconds
Fix the Run-on Sentence.
I like to play soccor I also enjoy swimming.
9. Open question
210 seconds
Fix the Run-on Sentence.
The orange kangaroo wanted to fight the purple frog hopped away.

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