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SS Week 4 Friday

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If you did, awesome! Have some quiet free time :) If you didn't, that is okay! Please work on it right now.
Did you finish your Lateral Reading Activity from yesterday?
2. Open question
210 seconds
What is lateral reading and why is it necessary?
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Get a whiteboard and a marker!
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We will watch an episode of CNN10 You will choose 1 news story from CNN10 to practice lateral reading with. Write down 3 facts from that news story as you watch!
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Step 1: Make sure you have 3 facts written down from 1 CNN10 news story. Step 2: Fact check your facts using lateral reading. Step 3: Answer the question using 3 details! Step 4: Submit to Schoology!
CNN10 Lateral Reading
Schoology--> Social Studies--> Mini Unit Resources: Trustworthy Sources

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