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"identify and describe the texture, tone colour and articulation in the finale from Shostakovich Symphony 5"
Learning objective:
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Texture: how sounds are combined, and how they interact and function in a piece of music Tone Colour: the characteristic quality of sound sources and their combinations (also known as timbre) Articulation: refers to how specific notes or passages are played or sung
Identifying Texture, Tone Colour and Articulation
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• layers of sound • dense, sparse • voicing • layering of instruments, tracks and sound combinations • changes in the number of layers and how they interact
• multi-track sequencing • the roles of instruments and voices, e.g. melody and accompaniment • the interaction of the layers of sound • monophony, heterophony, homophony, polyphony, counterpoint, canon
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Tone Colour
• sound production methods, including the use of tone shaping audio FX instrumental and vocal techniques and devices • vocal and instrumental sound sources • various combinations and ensemble types • choice of source material including electronically generated sounds and sample selection
• commonly used directions indicating vocal and instrumental techniques • register and range of voices/instruments • transposing instruments • orchestras and instrumental ensembles • choirs and vocal ensembles
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• accent • staccato • marcato • tenuto • spiccato • slap bass • offset and onset • selection of mallets, stroke patterns, handshapes
• legato • phrasing • slur • pizzicato • plucking, bowing, strumming techniques • touch and fingering
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What words would you use to describe the textures in this extract?
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What words would you use to describe the tone colours in this extract?
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What words would you use to describe the articulations in this extract?

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