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Self Awareness

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What is something you are proud of about yourself?
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Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and understand your own emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. By understanding yourself better, you can better understand and manage your reactions to the world around you. It can help you be more self-confident, make better decisions, and build stronger relationships.
The Importance of Self-Awareness
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Mindfulness: The practice of bringing one's attention to the present moment, typically by focusing on one's breath or a simple mantra. Self-Awareness: The ability to recognize one's emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behavior. Self-Esteem: The opinion one has of oneself, including one's worth, capabilities, and sense of identity.
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Self-awareness is linked to increased creativity and better decision-making. People who are highly self-aware tend to have better relationships with others. Spending more time in nature can help increase self-awareness.
Did you know?
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Work together in pairs: What do you think are the benefits of having a greater sense of self-awareness?
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What are some ways in which self-awareness can positively impact your personal growth and relationships with others?
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Work together in pairs: What is one thing you learned today about how to improve your self awareness?
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Brain break: Draw a spaghetti monster with noodly appendages and a meatball head
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What is self-awareness?
  • Being aware of others but not oneself
  • Understanding oneself and recognizing one's own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Having knowledge about the world
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Why is self-awareness important?
  • It helps in personal growth and development
  • It doesn't have any significance
  • It leads to confusion
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Which of the following is a sign of self-awareness?
  • Ignoring one's emotions
  • Blaming others for personal failures
  • Recognizing one's strengths and weaknesses
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How can someone improve their self-awareness?
  • Avoiding all forms of self-reflection
  • Engaging in introspection and reflection
  • Copying the behavior of others
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What does it mean to be emotionally self-aware?
  • Lacking emotional intelligence
  • Being emotionally detached from oneself
  • Recognizing and understanding one's own emotions

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