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Separating materials


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LO: To investigate different ways of separating materials.
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What do you think the terms "soluble" and "insoluble" mean, and can you give an example of something that is soluble or insoluble?
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Can you think of any examples of things that dissolve in water and disappear, and other things that do not dissolve in water and stay visible?
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Which of the following substances is soluble in water?
  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Rice
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Soluble: A type of substance that can be dissolved in a liquid, such as water. An example of a soluble substance is salt. Insoluble: A type of substance that does not dissolve in a liquid, such as water. An example of an insoluble substance is sand. Mixture: A combination of two or more substances, where each substance retains its individual properties. An example of a mixture is a solution of salt and water.

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