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Simple, Compound, & Run-on sentences

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Simple sentences have one subject and one verb. Compound sentences have two or more independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction. Run-on sentences are two independent clauses that are not joined by a conjunction.
Sentence Types
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The origin of the term 'run-on sentence' dates back to the 15th century! Compound sentences can be divided into two or more independent clauses, while a run-on sentence consists of two or more independent clauses that are joined incorrectly. Simple sentences don't always have to be short; they can consist of one long independent clause!
Did you know?
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What is the difference between a simple sentence and a compound sentence?
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A run-on sentence is two complete sentences that have been joined together without the use of a conjunction or punctuation. Run-on sentences are difficult to read and often contain too much information for the reader to understand. To fix a run-on sentence, you can: Rewrite it into two separate sentences and end each with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark. Use a comma and FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) conjunction. Use a semicolon (;) to separate the two complete sentences.
What is a Run-on Sentence?
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What is a simple sentence?
  • A sentence with no subject or predicate
  • A sentence with one independent clause
  • A sentence with multiple independent clauses
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What is a compound sentence?
  • A sentence that does not make sense
  • A sentence with one subject and two predicates
  • A sentence with two or more independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction
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Which of the following sentences is an example of a run-on sentence?
  • The dog chased its tail, it was really funny.
  • I went to the store I bought some milk.
  • She likes to dance and he likes to sing.
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How can you fix a run-on sentence?
  • By adding appropriate punctuation such as commas or periods
  • By rearranging the word order
  • By removing extra words
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Which type of sentences can be combined to form compound sentences?
  • Two simple sentences
  • Two run-on sentences
  • Two complex sentences
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Work together in pairs: What is the difference between a compound and a run-on sentence?

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