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Social Media Safety

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In a few words, why is it important to use social media safely?
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Using Social Media Safely
Be careful about what you post – anything you post online can be seen by anyone. Be mindful of who you are interacting with – if you don't know someone, don't add them. Respect other people's privacy – only share information that has been given permission.
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Did you know?
Social media accounts can be disabled temporarily if you are feeling overwhelmed or need a break from using it. Social media companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence to detect and remove cyberbullying, hate speech, and other dangerous content. You can customize your privacy settings on most popular social media sites to control who can view and interact with your content.
4. Open question
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What are some tips for staying safe on social media?
5. Open question
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How have you seen people use social media to be irresponsible or dangerous?
6. Open question
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What have you learned about using social media safely?
7. Open question
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What steps can you take to protect yourself online?
8. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a chicken doing yoga in space
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In pairs: Select one task
Question: How can you use social media safely?
Be aware of the information you post or share online. Know who you can trust online and who you can't. Respect the opinions of others online.
A: Brainstorm a list of do's and don'ts for using social media. B: Create a role-play activity to demonstrate how to use social media safely.
10. Poll
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Which of the following is a safe practice when using social media?
  • Sharing personal information publicly
  • Creating a strong and unique password
  • Accepting friend requests from strangers
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What should you do if you receive a suspicious message or link on social media?
  • Avoid clicking on it and report/block the sender
  • Click on it to see what it's about
  • Share it with your friends
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Why is it important to review your privacy settings on social media platforms?
  • To gain more followers
  • To increase engagement
  • To control who can see your posts and personal information
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What is phishing?
  • A way to gain more likes and comments
  • A fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information by pretending to be trustworthy
  • A type of online game
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How can you protect yourself from cyberbullying on social media?
  • Respond with equally hurtful comments
  • Block or report the user engaging in bullying behavior
  • Publicly shame the bully
15. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What are the three most important tips you can follow to ensure you are using social media safely?

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