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Spanish 1 First Day


First day of Spanish, class contract

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Spanish 1 Ms. Vance
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Calentamiento (warmup)
FIRST: Place your cell phone in the caddy at the front in the pocket of your desk number. Then... Take a sheet of blank paper and create a name tag. There are crayons and markers in the back if you'd like to add color!
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In this class, you'll learn the basics of Spanish, like pronunciation and grammar. You'll learn how to greet people and introduce yourself. You'll also learn some basic vocabulary and phrases. You will not be fluent after leaving this class- BUT you will have a more open mind and hopefully a desire to continue in the program!
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Coffee Plants (cacti!) Stickers The beach Camping Dogs & Cats Teaching español!
Things I like:
¡Hola! Me llamo Señorita Vance.
I am from Carrollton, GA I attended the University of West Georgia I have been studying Spanish for over 7 years.
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Procedures & Expectations
Place phone in caddy in number of your desk IF specified, grab the same number Chromebook Sit down and begin warmup
Attendance = during warmup Late = go downstairs to get a pass Phones (and earbuds) = taken up & put in 'jail'
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Cell phones specifically...
IF... THEN...
All phones are placed in the caddy at the beginning of class I don't have to take any up
You may have free cell phone time for the last 10 minutes of class
School wide rule=no phones during instruction Taken to Mrs. Hagins = $10 fine 1st, $20 fine 2nd, etc.
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No food- drinks are fine with lids Student supply area My desk- ALWAYS ask first
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Why learn Spanish?
9. Open question
180 seconds
What do you think will be the most challenging part of learning Spanish?
10. Word cloud
180 seconds
Class Contract
How would you like to be treated? How do you think I would like to be treated?
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2nd Block: 2240edf0
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4th Block: db5d0b72
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Google Classroom
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Time for a brain break!
15. Drawings
240 seconds
Draw a smiling robot eating a big ice cream cone as it floats in outer space

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