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If you were given a chance to live forever but had to be stuck at the age of 30, would you accept it?
  • Yes, I want to see the future and how it unfolds
  • No, I want to experience life's different stages and eventually move on
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1. Domain IV Only 2. Full Evaluation New This Year: FISD Secondary Pilot Appraisal System
2023-2024 Friendswood ISD Appraisal Update
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M-TESS Teacher Update
4. Open question
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How has M-TESS impacted your teaching practice?
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What do you think about M-TESS ?
  • I think it's great.
  • It's ok, but it could be better.
  • I don't like it.
  • I think it needs more work.
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According to the Why Teach Survey compiled by LKMco and Pearson, the top reasons for people becoming teachers were the desire to make a difference in the lives of students and the belief that they could be good at it... Believing they were good at teaching was the top reason for staying...
FISD Secondary Appraisal Pilot
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...administrators should look for ways to provide empowering feedback to teachers that strengthen their confidence and self-efficacy for teaching at their best. More specifically, recent research by Thomas Guskey and Laura Link tells us that teachers want school leaders to focus on feedback that improves student learning, is trusted, and is offered in meaningful and non-threatening ways.
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Goal Setting M-Tess Walkthrough - 15 minutes Pre-Conference Evaluation - 45 Minutes Post Conference Summative
Our Current System:
9. Personalised Feedback
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How does our current evaluation system provide empowering feedback to teachers that strengthens self-confidence and self-efficacy?
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6-10 walkthroughs Walkthroughs last 8-15 minutes Walkthroughs are at various times and days EVERY walkthrough is followed by either written or face-to-face feedback conversation (5-10 min.) All walkthroughs and feedback will be communicated in Strive An ongoing feedback loop is created We will still hold a BOY goal setting conference and a summative EOY goal review conference
Pilot - Goal and Feedback Focused:
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Goal Setting Monthly Walkthroughs September - Written Response October - Face-to-Face Meeting November - Written Response January - Face-to-Face Meeting February - Written Response March - Face-to-Face Meeting included with Summative Both Written and Face-to-Face Follow-ups Summative Meeting
Pilot - Goal and Feedback Focused:
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How do you feel about the FISD Secondary Appraisal Pilot?
  • I Need More Information
  • I Prefer M-TESS
  • I think I will like it.
  • I LOVE IT!
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