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1. Open question
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THINK-PAIR-SHARE 1. What is reflection? 2. What happens when light hits a reflective surface? 3. Can you think of any examples of reflection in daily life?
2. Word cloud
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What is the Law of Reflection?
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Law of Reflection - a law of physics that states that when a light ray reflects off a surface, the angle of the incoming ray (angle of incidence) is equal to the angle of the reflected ray (angle of reflection). This law works for all types of waves, including light, sound, and water waves.
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Plane Mirror - a flat mirror that reflects light rays in a straight line. Reflection Angle - the angle between the incident ray and the reflected ray when light reflects off a surface.
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The law of reflection is used to explain why images in plane mirror are upright and appear to be the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front of the mirror.
Did you know?
6. Personalised Feedback
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How does the angle of incidence of a light ray affect the angle of reflection when it strikes a plane mirror?
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Play around with this simulator, use the protractor to measure the angles of incidence and reflection is to fill in the table.
PhET Simulator - Bending Light

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