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Novel Effect
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How many of you might be interested in the Novel Effect?
  • For sure!
  • Maybe
  • Nah
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An app on the App Store and Google Play Store Free reads available every month but limited $3.33/month or $39.99 a year for educators for the full version
Novel Effect
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Adobe Express Animation Padlet (and different ways to use it) Wakelet Curipod Gimkit
Additional Technology Tools we'll see today
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60 seconds or Google adobe express voice animation Download and drop right into Google Slides Upload to your YouTube channel, right click and grab the link, paste in Curipod
Adobe Express Animation
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120 seconds may run into "rate limits" Let's go to YouTube and look up
Do you ever cycle through YouTube videos trying to find the one that works best for a lesson, but the videos are just too long and taking up too much of your time? Try...
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What students can do draw attach links screen record add images add text comment on posts and more
Padlet-Jamboard on steroids
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How you can use it exit ticket scavenger hunt relay race Monday morning community Math warmups Book Reviews 2 truths and a lie go to for more
9. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a big elephant that is trying to balance apples on its trunk
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Wakelet allows teachers to gather, organize and share multimedia resources (text, images, videos, podcasts) with students, colleagues and learning communities.
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This entire presentation was done using Curipod. Like a slide show, but uses AI to assist you(if you want it to). Account is free, saves 5 Curipods. Check it out! Head to
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What is one technology you learned today you're ready to try now
  • The Novel Effect
  • Adobe Express Animation
  • Padlet
  • Wakelet
  • Curipod
  • Several of them
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Tired of Kahoot! Gimkit is a must try, particularly for grades 3, 4 and up. Head to NOW!!

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