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1. Word cloud
120 seconds
What is a central idea?
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Text Structures
Text structures are the patterns of organization in writing. They help readers better understand the information being presented. Common text structures include description, sequence, compare/contrast, and cause/effect, and chronological order.
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Cause and Effect
A text structure that shows the connection between two events or ideas. One event or idea is the cause and the other is the effect.
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Compare and Contrast
Compare and Contrast: A text structure that is used to show how two or more different things or ideas are similar or different.
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Problem and Solution
A text structure where a problem needs to be identified and then the reader is offered possible solution or resolutions.
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Did you know?
Text structures can be used to organize information in a way that makes it easier for readers to understand. Text structures can also be used to emphasize important information. Text structure used in academic writing is often different from the structure used in everyday conversations.
7. Open question
300 seconds
What is your favorite text structure? Why?
8. Open question
300 seconds
How does text structure help us to understand the meaning of texts?
9. Open question
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What effect did the text structure have on the overall meaning of the text?
10. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a unicorn playing the trombone on a pink cloud
11. Drawings
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In pairs: Select one task
Question: You are a 5th grade student and you are asked to explain the different text structures to a friend. How would you do it?
Analyze the text to identify the type of structure used. Common text structures include cause and effect, problem and solution, chronological order, and compare and contrast. Think of examples of each structure to make the explanation easier to understand.
A: Draw a chart to compare and contrast the text structures. B: Explain each text structure with an example in a short story.
12. Poll
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Which text structure presents information in a chronological order?
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Problem and Solution
  • Cause and Effect
  • Sequence
13. Poll
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Which text structure explains how two or more things are alike or different?
  • Problem and Solution
  • Description
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Cause and Effect
14. Open question
180 seconds
Work together in pairs: Name one type of text structure and give an example of a text that uses that structure.

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