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The First Day by Edward P Jones

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The First Day
by Edward P. Jones
2. Open question
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What do you remember about your first day of school?
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4. Word cloud
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What emotions does the protagonist feel on their first day of school? Write one or two words - not sentences.
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Indirect Characterization
The author does not explicitly describe a character. The characterization is inferred through thoughts, action, speech and dialogue.
Bill entered the basketball gym slowly, ducking his head so as to not hit it on the door frame.
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Direct Characterization
The author explicitly describes a character. The characterization is told by a narrator or other character in the story.
Bill was a very tall man. He played basketball. OR "Wow, Bill. You are tall," exclaimed Sally.
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The First Day
Highlight direct characterization in one color. Highlight indirect characterization in another color. Highlight literary techniques (metaphors, symbols, motifs, repetition, etc.) in a third color.
Read the story and annotate. In the margins make notes - write questions. Find both direct and indirect characterization in the story.
8. Open question
300 seconds
There are two sides to the mother. What do I mean by that?
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On your paper, color or draw the two sides of the mother. In the middle of each mom, add 2 quotes - one direct and one indirect characterization that is evidence for how you have drawn each one.

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