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The First Red Scare


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The Red Scare
The end of World War 1 brought new fears to Americans about Communists, anarchists, and immigrants. In 1917, the Russians led by Lenin had a revolution, but instead of setting up a democracy, it became a communist nation. When labor strikes hit the USA in 1919 many in the USA feared a communist revolution happening in the U.S.
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Red Scare: A Fear of Communism
The First Red Scare was a period of heightened fears of communist influence in the US in the late 1910s and early 1920s. The US government conducted mass arrests and deported hundreds of people accused of being radicals. The US Postal Service was used to investigate people believed to be involved in the First Red Scare, which included opening and reading mail without permission.
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Did you know?
During the First Red Scare, a number of innocent people were arrested and convicted for espionage, although they were never charged with espionage. The US government created a propaganda campaign during the First Red Scare that was designed to spread fear and paranoia about communists. The US Postal Service was used to investigate people believed to be involved in the First Red Scare, which included opening and reading mail without permission.
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What were the causes of the First Red Scare?
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Eugenics and Social Darwinism During the Red Scare
Eugenics is a pseudoscience that promotes selective breeding of humans to create a 'superior' population. Social Darwinism is a misinterpretation of Darwin's work, claiming the 'survival of the fittest' applied to humans. The Red Scare of the 1950s saw a resurgence of these ideas, leading to forced sterilization in some states.
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Immigration Quotas During The Red Scare
Immigration Acts of 1921 AKA (The Emergency Quota Act), 1924, and 1929 These were laws designed to keep immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe out of America. Quotas were set allowing a certain number of immigrants from each nation to enter the USA.
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How did the First Red Scare impact immigration in the US?
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What event sparked the First Red Scare in the United States?
  • World War I
  • Great Depression
  • Russian Revolution
  • Intervening in Latin American Affairs
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The First Red Scare
Red Scare: A period of time in the early 20th century in the United States where fear of socialism, communism, and anarchism was rampant.
Palmer Raids: A series of raids in 1919 and 1920 led by U.S. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer to arrest and deport radical leftists.
Sedition Act: A 1918 U.S. law that outlawed any words or actions designed to bring the U.S. government into disrepute or impede its operation.
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The American Citizenship Act of 1924
The Act granted American citizenship to all Indigenous people born in the US. It established a residency requirement of 2 years for all naturalization applicants. It also prevented further immigration of all Asian people, except Japanese.
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Scopes Trial Reanactment

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