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The Great Plague

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To know what caused and spread the Great Plague. I know the five symptoms of the Great Plague. To know how people tried to avoid the Great Plague.  To know who tried to help the sick during the Great Plague.
What was the Great Plague?
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What caused the Great Plague?
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What helped to spread the Great Plague?
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Fleas caused the disease. Rats helped to spread the disease.
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What were the symptoms of the Great Plague?
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The plague began in an area called St. Giles-in-the-Field, an area of London which was fairly poor and overcrowded. Victims developed a fever, headache, chills, muscle weakness and buboes. The plague spread very quickly and people died within days of becoming infected. By the end of 1665, 100,000 people had died in London.
What happened during the Great Plague?
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As there was no known cure, many people tried alternative ways to avoid being infected. Some people thought that holding a small bunch of flowers or herbs to their nose would prevent them getting the plague. Some drank fine wines or even ate toads! Others thought having a bath in milk would prevent them from becoming ill. When a household became infected the house was sealed which meant nobody could leave or enter the building.
How did people try to avoid the Great Plague?
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How do we know what life was like during the Plague?
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What have you learned about the Great Plague?

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