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The Reflective Essay

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In a few words, what do you know about the reflective essay?
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Allows you to identify, analyze, and reflect on an experience that has made an impact on you.
The Reflective Essay
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Important Concepts:
Reflection: The process of critically thinking about the lesson, experiences, and events in order to gain a deeper understanding. Reflective Essay: A type of essay in which the writer examines their experiences, events, and lessons, and then evaluates them to gain a deeper understanding. Critical Thinking: The process of actively and skillfully analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach a well-justified conclusion.
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Reflective essays can be written in any style, including narrative, expository, and argumentative. Reflective essays can be written about an experience in your life, an event that happened in history, or even a work of literature. The purpose of a reflective essay is to explore the writer's personal feelings and opinions about a topic or experience.
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What are the benefits of reflecting on personal experiences in a reflective essay?
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Question: You have been asked to write a reflective essay about a life event that has changed you. How do you start? Clues: • Think about the event and how it affected you. • Focus on the emotions you felt during and after the event. • Don't forget to include the details of the event. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Write a brainstorming list of ideas about the life event. B. Draw a timeline of the event from start to finish.
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What is the main purpose of a reflective essay?
  • To provide a summary of factual information
  • To persuade the reader to agree with the author's viewpoint
  • To introspect and analyze personal experiences
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What is the structure typically followed in a reflective essay?
  • Thesis statement, supporting evidence, counterarguments
  • Problem statement, methodology, results
  • Introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion
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In a reflective essay, what should be included in the conclusion?
  • New arguments or ideas to support the thesis statement
  • Summary of key insights gained from reflection
  • Statistical data or research findings
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What type of language is commonly used in a reflective essay?
  • First-person narrative and subjective language
  • Technical jargon and complex terminology
  • Third-person narrative and objective language
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Work together in pairs: What lesson(s) did you learn about writing the reflective essay?

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