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"Transferring of Data over the Internet"

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How do we send data over the internet?
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Data can be transferred from one device to another over the internet. This is done through the use of a network. Data can be sent and received in different formats.
Transferring of Data Over the Internet
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Data: Information that is stored and transmitted electronically. Network: A system of connected computers or devices that can exchange information. Format: The way in which data is organized and presented.
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The first message ever sent over the internet was 'LO' in 1969. The average person sends over 200 text messages a month. More than 3 billion people use the internet today.
Fun facts:
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Draw / write: What do you think the internet looks like IRL?
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Draw / write: What is the purpose of packets?
  • To transport food across the internet
  • To send messages through the internet
  • To carry pieces of music from one device to another
  • To break up big files into tiny pieces so they can travel easily over the internet.
8. Open question
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What challenges do you think we face when sending data over the internet?

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