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Time Zones 4

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Time Zones 4 Unit 10
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What is a Robobee?
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RoboBees are tiny robots that fly around and help pollinate plants. They are being developed to help plants grow faster and more efficiently. RoboBees could help save our planet by replacing the pollination done by bees.
RoboBees: Little Robots That Pollinate
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Robobees are small robots designed to mimic the behavior of real bees. They are usually about the size of a paperclip and have wings that can flap to move around. Robobees are designed to help with pollination, which is when an insect transfers pollen from one flower to another to help them produce fruit and vegetables. Robobees are also used for research, like studying the effects of climate change on bees or tracking the spread of diseases in bee populations.
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Robobees are being developed to pollinate plants in the absence of honeybees due to their declining population. Robobees are designed with a unique flapping-wing propulsion system that mimics the flight of real bees. Robobees are equipped with a tiny onboard computer and sensors to detect obstacles and navigate their way through the environment.
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Work together in pairs: What do you think is the most important benefit of using Robobees?
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What are some of the ways that creativity can help you solve problems?
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Brain break: design a helpful robot
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What are Robobees?
  • Microbots modeled on bees
  • A type of bee species
  • Robots that look like bees
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Why were Robobees invented?
  • To replace real bees entirely
  • As toys for children
  • To pollinate crops in case of a decline in bee populations
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What is the size of a Robobee?
  • The size of a human palm
  • The size of a bee or smaller
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How are Robobees powered?
  • Solar power and battery
  • Hydrogen fuel cells
  • Wind power and battery
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What is the main advantage of using Robobees instead of real bees?
  • They produce more honey than regular bees
  • They can pollinate crops all year round, regardless of weather conditions
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What did you learn from this session about robots and creativity?
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How can you apply what you learned today to your own life?

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