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Types of Conflict

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In a story, what is conflict?
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Conflict in Stories
Conflict is an essential part of stories and helps keep readers engaged. Conflict can be external (between characters) or internal (within a character). In stories, conflict helps create tension, suspense, and interest.
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conflict in stories
Conflict: a struggle between opposing forces or ideas in a story.
Protagonist: the main character of a story, usually the one who experiences the conflict.
Antagonist: a character or force in a story that opposes the protagonist or main character.
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Did you know?
Conflict is an essential part of a story because it adds interest and suspense, and it helps to move the plot forward. Many stories contain multiple conflicts that build on each other to create a bigger conflict. The most commonly used type of conflict in literature is Man vs. Nature, which is when a character is struggling against some force of nature.
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What is external conflict in a story?
  • A struggle within a character's mind
  • A struggle between a character and an outside force
  • A disagreement between two characters
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Which of the following is an example of internal conflict?
  • A character torn between right and wrong
  • A character fighting against nature
  • Two characters arguing over a decision
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What is the main purpose of conflict in a story?
  • To create tension and suspense
  • To provide background information
  • To introduce new characters
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