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Unit 1 Vocab 1

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60 seconds
Unit 1 Vocabulary
2. Open question
210 seconds
What makes a good story?
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60 seconds
In the JOURNAL tab of your binder, copy the defenitions of the following words.
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60 seconds
Sequence :
a set of related events that follow each other in a particular order.
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60 seconds
the quality of being logical and consistent. (It makes sense.)
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60 seconds
conflict :
external : a struggle between a character and an outside force (nature, technology, ect) internal : a struggle within the mind of a character
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60 seconds
personal narrative:
a story that tells something about your life
8. Drawings
240 seconds
Draw a monster eating spaghetti using chopsticks without getting any sauce on its face
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60 seconds
the use of a word to suggest a different meaning that what it literally means
"feeling blue" = being sad. Not feeling the color blue
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60 seconds
the literal meaning or use of a word
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60 seconds
the main subject that is being discussed or described
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60 seconds
storyteller gives a hint of what is to come later in the story
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60 seconds
giving human characteristics to a non-human object

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