Unit 1 review

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Unit 1 review
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Question: What is the term used to describe the sharing of artwork and food across different cultures? A) Cultural appropriation B) Cultural integration C) Cultural diffusion D) Cultural preservation
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Create a visual representation of how different cultures can mix and influence each other.
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Institutions are organizations or structures that exist to fulfill specific purposes in society. They can be schools, governments, hospitals, banks, and more. They help maintain order, provide services, and enforce rules that benefit the community.
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Which institution is responsible for providing education to students?
  • Post Office
  • Zoo
  • School
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ring of fire
Ring of Fire - An area of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions surrounding the Pacific Ocean. This area is also known as the circum-Pacific belt.
Tectonic Plates - Earth's outermost layer is made up of several large and small pieces called plates. These plates are constantly moving, sliding past each other and bumping into each other.
Earthquakes - Earthquakes are caused by the release of energy stored in the Earth's rocks. When the rocks break, energy is released in the form of seismic waves that cause the shaking and trembling we feel during an earthquake.
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Would you rather live in a world where the government can only pass three laws or a world where the government can pass unlimited laws?
  • Live in a world where the government can only pass three laws
  • Live in a world where the government can pass unlimited laws
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What is a peninsula?
  • A landform surrounded by water on three sides
  • A large body of water connected to an ocean
  • A mountain range
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What is the main principle of limited government?
  • Total control by the government
  • Expansion of governmental power
  • Restriction of governmental power
11. Open question
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How does limited government differ from unlimited government in terms of rules and power?
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Positive Effects of Globalization
Interdependence - The idea that countries rely on each other for goods, services, and resources, often times from different parts of the world.
Cultural Exchange - The idea that people from different parts of the world can share ideas, customs, traditions, and beliefs.
Economic Development - The idea that by trading goods and services between different parts of the world, countries can increase their economic wealth.
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globalization negative effects
Cultural Homogenization: Loss of cultural distinctiveness due to the spread of one culture across the world.
Environmental Degradation: Increase in pollution, deforestation, and other environmental damage caused by global trade and production.
Economic Inequality: Growing gap between the wealthy and the poor due to globalization of markets and labor.
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What does the term 'multicultural society' refer to?
  • A society where people from different cultural backgrounds coexist
  • A society without any cultural diversity
  • A society with only one dominant culture
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What does the term 'monotheistic' mean?
  • Belief in no gods
  • Belief in one God
  • Belief in multiple gods
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What is one key belief that is shared by Judaism, Christianity,Islam and Sikhism?
  • Belief in multiple gods
  • Belief in Jesus being divine
  • Belief in the importance of pilgrimage
  • Belief in monotheism

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