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Variables in an experiment

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what are the steps of the scientific method?
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A variable is something that changes in an experiment. Variables can be manipulated to test different outcomes. Understanding variables helps us to understand the results of an experiment.
Variables in a Science Experiment
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Variable: A factor that can be changed or controlled in an experiment. Control Group: A group in an experiment that is not exposed to the factor being tested and is used for comparison. Independent Variable: The factor that is being tested and changed in an experiment. Dependent Variable- what the responding variable is. What is being tested or measured. Controls- Everything else that remains constant in the experiment
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What are the independent and dependent variables in an experiment testing the effect of exercise and heart rate?
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Work together in pairs: What is the purpose of using variables in a science experiment?
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Brain break: Draw a pig wearing a party hat and blowing out the candles on a giant cupcake
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What is a variable in a science experiment?
  • The final result of the experiment
  • The equipment used in the experiment
  • A factor that can be changed or manipulated
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Which type of variable remains constant and is used for comparison?
  • Control variable
  • Independent variable
  • Dependent variable
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What is the purpose of an independent variable?
  • To provide a baseline for comparison
  • To determine its effect on the dependent variable
  • To remain constant throughout the experiment
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Which type of variables are factors that are intentionally changed or manipulated by the researcher?
  • Dependent variables
  • Control variables
  • Independent variables

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