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Vertical Meeting 2



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1. Drawings
260 seconds
Checkin: Draw/write - What is one thing you can do to be an advocate for our students today?
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60 seconds
Supportive Encouragement Team work Have each others back On task Strong communication
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60 seconds
Our Vertical Objectives for meeting 2
Why? Begin with the end in mind Show and Tell: Grammar samples Editing: Daily Fix-Its (C.U.P.S) Patterns of Power
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60 seconds
End in Mind
Let's look at the blueprints and create a conclusion based on the "End in Mind"
5. Open question
240 seconds
Why should we focus on grammar?
6. Open question
270 seconds
Let's Look at our Writing Analyze: Look closely at these writing pieces that our students produced. What is one grow and one glow with grammar?
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60 seconds
How have we attacked this so far...
Show and tell
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60 seconds
Daily Fix It
Edit vs Revise Are we using it daily Accountability/Keep track?? What part of the writing process is this (why is that important) Monitor and adjust
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60 seconds
Editing is like fixing mistakes in a picture or a story. It's when you make things better by changing some words or making things look nicer. Just like when you color inside the lines or fix a puzzle piece that doesn't fit right, editing helps make things perfect!
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60 seconds
When we revise, it means we are looking at something again to make it better. Just like when you draw a picture and then go back to add more colors or fix any mistakes. When we revise our work, like homework or a story, we read it again to check for errors or make improvements. It's like giving our work a second chance!
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60 seconds
Edit: The flaws that we can SEE: Capitalizations, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling C.U.P.S: Anchor chart per grade level
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60 seconds
Lets Plan
2nd grade: (9/25-29) Type in Google Documents 3rd grade: (9/25-29) Skills that need to be highlighted and create reference charts/anchor 4th grade: (10/2-6) Type in Google Documents 5th grade: Skills that need to be highlighted and create reference charts/anchor
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60 seconds
Power of Patterns
How is it going? What can we do to have students apply these skills? How can we build upon skills? How can we showcase exemplar writing
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60 seconds
How can we make students apply more?
Day 1: Invite? Work on parts of speech/segmenting Day 2: Short response but build upon prior week Day 3: After minilesson apply with non academic responses Day 4: Kahoot and review misconceptions; Apply with a short response Day 5:Show case from day 4 then assess Kahoot.

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