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What do you think "sweatshops" are?


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1. Open question
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What do you think "sweatshops" are?
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What is a Sweatshop?
A sweatshop is a workplace that employs workers under poor and dangerous conditions. Workers in sweatshops may be paid very low wages, be forced to work long hours, and are often not allowed to form unions. Sweatshops are prevalent in the garment and textile industry, as well as electronics manufacturing.
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Sweatshop: A workplace with conditions considered to be below the standards of safety, hygiene, and minimum wage laws. Garment Industry: The industry of manufacturing clothing and other related items. Textile Industry: The industry of creating fabrics from fibers or yarns.
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Do you think people should be allowed to work in sweatshops?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Not Sure
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Some facts:
The first sweatshop was established in 1820 in New York City. In some countries, sweatshops are legal and regulated by the government. Some fashion companies such as H&M have adopted policies to ensure that the clothes they produce are made ethically.
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Where do you usually buy your clothes?
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How much money do you approximately spend on clothes per month?
  • 200-500 NOK
  • 600-1000 NOK
  • More than 1000 NOK
8. Open question
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Do you ever consider where your clothes were made or who made them?

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