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What does IPS stand for?


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What does IPS stand for?
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IPS stands for Intrusion Prevention System. It is a type of security designed to protect computer systems. It helps detect and block any malicious activity on your network.
What is an IPS?
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Intrusion Prevention System: A type of network security system that monitors traffic, identifies suspicious activity, and takes action to prevent any potential threats from entering the network. Malicious Activity: Any type of activity that is intended to cause harm or damage to a computer system or network. Network Security: The practice of protecting a computer network from unauthorized access, misuse, and other malicious activities.
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An IPS can detect and prevent malicious activities even before they take place. IPSs can be used in both wired and wireless networks. IPSs can also be used to monitor outbound traffic to identify any suspicious activities.
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Draw / write: Mengapa para penakluk islam bisa menguasai India pada abad ke-7?
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Draw / write: Bagaimana peninggalan kerajaan hindu, budha dan islam berbeda?
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Bagaimana kamu bisa mengidentifikasi peninggalan kerajaan hindu, budha dan islam?
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Apa arti IPS bagi kamu?

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