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What does inclusivity mean to you?

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What does inclusivity mean to you?
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Inclusivity is respecting and understanding everyone, regardless of differences. It means creating an environment where everyone is safe to be themselves. Inclusivity encourages collaboration, creativity, and open-mindedness.
Inclusivity: Everyone Matters
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Diversity: The state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization. Inclusion: The act of creating environments in which any individual or group can be and feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate. Equity: The state or quality of being fair and impartial.
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What are some of the challenges that people of different backgrounds face when trying to be included in a group?
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What have you done to make sure that everyone in your school or community feels included?
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How do our own biases and privileges shape how we interact with people who are different from us?
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Brain break: Draw an ice cream cone with donuts for scoops!
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Question: How might we create an inclusive school environment for all students? Clues: • Start by considering the diversity of your school population. • Think about how you can create a culture of acceptance and respect. • Think about how you can provide resources to support diverse needs. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Brainstorm solutions to the problem and draw out your idea. B. In pairs, discuss ways to implement your solution in the school.
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What does the term 'inclusivity' mean?
  • The act of excluding some people
  • The act of being indifferent to others
  • The act of including everyone
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Why is inclusivity important?
  • It promotes diversity and acceptance
  • It creates a sense of belonging and community
  • It helps to eliminate discrimination and prejudice
  • All of the above
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'Gender inclusivity' refers to:
  • Being indifferent towards others' gender identities
  • Excluding people based on their gender identity or expression
  • Including people regardless of their gender identity or expression
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What is an example of inclusive language?
  • All-gender restroom
  • Men's restroom
  • Ladies only restroom
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Which one below is NOT a way to promote inclusivity in society?
  • Using inclusive language in everyday communication
  • Educating oneself about different cultures, religions, and backgrounds
  • Discrimination against certain groups

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