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What is E-government?

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What is E-government?
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"What is e-Governance and e-Government? Pillars of e-Governance Benefits and barriers of e-Government Types of e-Government (G2C, G2G,G2B) G2C - Interactions of citizens with e-Government G2G G2B e-Gov"
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E-government is the use of technology to improve the delivery of government services, engage citizens, and support government decisions. It can be used to streamline the delivery of public services, make government more transparent and accountable, and help citizens to access and share information. E-government initiatives can include mobile apps, websites, online databases, and social media accounts to improve public services.
What is E-Government?
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E-government: The use of internet and other electronic means to deliver government services, exchange information, and communicate with citizens. Interoperability: The ability of government organizations to share data, exchange information, and collaborate in real-time. Digital Transformation: The use of technology to improve government efficiency, citizen engagement, and service delivery.
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The United Arab Emirates is the world's first country to have a government ministry dedicated entirely to Artificial Intelligence (AI). In Estonia, citizens can access public services and complete almost all government-related tasks online, including voting in elections. Singapore is the first country to use facial recognition technology for immigration clearance at its airports.
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Work together in pairs: What are the three main pillars of e-Governance?
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Work together in pairs: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an e-government system for public services?
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Brain break: Draw a seal juggling fish on one flipper and a beach ball on the other
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What does the term 'E-government' stand for?
  • Effective Government
  • Electronic Government
  • Efficient Government
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Which of the following is NOT a benefit of E-government?
  • Increased transparency
  • Decreased accessibility
  • Enhanced citizen engagement
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Which country is considered a pioneer in implementing E-government initiatives?
  • Brazil
  • Estonia
  • Japan
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What is the main goal of E-government?
  • To provide efficient and convenient online services to citizens
  • To reduce government spending
  • To collect more taxes from citizens
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What type of technology is commonly used in E-government initiatives?
  • Fax machines and telegrams
  • Internet and digital platforms
  • Carrier pigeons

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