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What is Social Media?


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1. Word cloud
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What is social media?
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Social media is a way to communicate with people online. It includes websites and apps that allow you to share photos, videos, and messages with friends. You can use social media to stay connected with family, friends, and even people around the world.
What is Social Media?
3. Poll
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What do you think is the definition of social media?
  • A way to stay connected with friends and family online
  • A platform to share opinions and ideas
  • A tool to promote businesses and organizations
  • All of the above
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The first ever social media website was created in 1997. Over 2 billion people use social media every month. Over 500 million tweets are posted every day!
Fun facts:
5. Drawings
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Draw / write: What is an example of how people use social media today?
6. Open question
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Draw / write: What are the positive and negative effects of social media?
7. Open question
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What do you think the future of social media looks like?

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