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What is burnout? (answer with only a few words)


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What is burnout? (answer with only a few words)
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It's a feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted. It can make it hard to complete tasks and enjoy activities. It's important to find ways to manage stress.
What is Burnout?
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Burnout: A state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Stress: A feeling of pressure or tension resulting from demands placed on a person. Exhaustion: A state of extreme physical or mental tiredness.
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Do you ever feel overwhelmed or overworked with school?
  • Yes, all the time
  • Sometimes
  • Not at all
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Burnout is so common that the World Health Organization has classified it as an official diagnosis. Americans work 137 more hours per year than Japanese workers, who have a much lower rate of burnout. Burnout can be caused by working too much or even not having enough to do. It’s all about finding the right balance.
Fun facts:
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Draw / write: Why do you think people feel burnout?
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Draw / write: What can we do to help people who are feeling burnout?
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What might be some signs that you are feeling burnout?
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What are some things you can do when you are feeling overwhelmed?

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