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What is one digital technology you use everyday?

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What is one digital technology you use everyday?
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Digital technologies use computers to store and process information. They are used for communication, entertainment, and work. Digital technologies help us connect with people and learn new things.
Digital Technologies
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The first digital computer was built in 1937 and was called the Z1. The first digital photograph was taken in 1957 and stored on a magnetic tape. The first digital music was released in 1982 and was called 'Computer World' by the group Kraftwerk.
Did you know?
4. Open question
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What are some of the digital technologies you use in your day-to-day life?
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How do digital technologies help you learn new information?
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What have you learned about digital technologies so far?
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What is a computer?
  • A type of fruit
  • A type of shoe
  • A machine that can store and process information
  • A musical instrument
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What is the internet?
  • A global network of computers that are connected and can share information
  • A type of food seasoning
  • An underwater creature
  • An ancient artifact
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What is a smartphone?
  • A special kind of pencil
  • A mobile device that can make calls, send messages, and access the internet
  • An animal with smart abilities
10. Open question
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Work together in pairs: Q: What are three ways that digital technologies can help us learn?

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