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What is one way to stay safe online?

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What is one way to stay safe online?
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"To identify forms of cyberbullying To understand support structure"
Learning objective:
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Remember to only use websites that your parents trust. If you're chatting with someone online, don't give out personal information. If something feels wrong online, tell an adult you trust.
Be Safe Online
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Phishing: A type of online scam that uses fake emails and websites to try to get personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers. Online Privacy: The ability to control who can gain access to information about yourself online. Encryption: The process of encoding data so that only people with the right key can access it.
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The average child receives their first cell phone at age 10 and has access to the internet by age 11. Eighty-five percent of children ages 8-17 who use the internet have taken steps to hide their online activity from their parents. Seventy-three percent of children ages 8-17 have experienced online bullying in some form.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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Work together in pairs: Q: What are some ways to seek help when you or someone you know is being cyberbullied?
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What are some ways you can protect your personal information while using the internet?
8. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What is one way you can protect your personal information when you are online?
9. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a pizza that's turned into an alien spaceship, complete with alien customers peeking out of the windows!
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What should you do if someone online asks you for personal information?
  • Ignore them
  • Share it immediately
  • Never share it and tell a trusted adult
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Why is it important to keep your passwords secret?
  • To protect your personal information from being stolen
  • To make sure that no one else can use your accounts
  • To show off to your friends
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What should you do if you receive a message or see content that makes you feel uncomfortable or scared?
  • Respond with a similar message
  • Tell an adult immediately
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Which of the following is an example of personal information?
  • Shoe Size
  • Favourite Movie
  • None of these
  • Name
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When is it safe to meet in person someone whom you've only talked to online?
  • Never, unless accompanied by a trusted adult and in a public place
  • Anytime, just go alone

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