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What is respect?

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What is respect?
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Respect is showing care and appreciation for yourself and others. Respect means listening to what others have to say and treating them with kindness. Respect also means understanding that everyone is different and should be treated equally.
What is Respect?
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Respect is a positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something. Respect means showing care and admiration for other people and their ideas and feelings. Respect is something that can be earned by what someone says or does, and by the way they treat others.
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People in ancient Egypt believed that respecting one’s elders was so important that it was a law. The word 'respect' is derived from the Latin verb 'respicere' which means The ancient Greeks identified four different types of respect: fear, honor, esteem, and admiration.
Did you know?
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What is one way that you can show respect for someone in your classroom?
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How can you show respect to your friends and family?
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What are three ways you can show respect to someone?
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Brain break: Draw a rainbow-colored dinosaur wearing a tiara cooking pancakes on a spaceship.
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What does it mean to respect someone?
  • To tease and make fun of them
  • To treat them kindly and politely
  • To compete with them
  • To ignore them completely
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How can you show respect for your teachers?
  • Disobey their rules
  • Listen and pay close attention to direction
  • Talk loudly and interrupt their lessons
  • Ignore their instructions

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