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What is the bending of light called?

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What is the bending of light called?
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When light passes through a prism, the light is refracted twice, first when it enters the prism and then when it leaves the prism. The amount of refraction depends on the angle at which the light enters the prism. Refraction can also occur in water, where light is bent at an angle when it passes from one medium to the other.
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Light refracts when it travels from one transparent substance into another. Figure 1 to the right shows light bending towards the normal as it enters a glass block, and bending away from the normal when it exits it.
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Light travels at different speeds through different substances. The differences in its speed result in different amounts of bending, or refraction, as light passes from one substance into another
Why does refraction occur?
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The refraction index is a measure of how easily light travels through a substance. The smaller the refraction index, the faster light will travel through a material. This means that when a substance causes light to bend a lot, it has a high refraction index.
Refraction index
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Speeds of light in different media
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The incoming ray of a light make with the normal is called the angle of incidence (i). The angle that the refracted ray makes with the normal is called the angle of refraction (r)
Angle of Refraction
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Angle of Refraction
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Depth Illusions
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What are some examples of everyday objects or situations that involve refraction?
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What is refraction?
  • The reflection of light off a surface
  • The bending of light as it passes through a medium
  • The absorption of light by an object
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What is the refractive index?
  • A measure of how much a substance can bend light
  • A measure of the color spectrum
  • A measure of the intensity of light
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What phenomenon causes refraction?
  • Change in speed and direction as light waves pass through different mediums
  • Scattering from particles
  • Reflection off surfaces

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