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What is the main purpose of punctuation?

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What is the main purpose of punctuation?
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Grammar is the way words are put together to make sentences. Punctuation is the use of symbols to help structure sentences. Knowing the rules of grammar and punctuation helps you communicate clearly.
Grammar and Punctuation
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Grammar: The structure of a language, including its rules of formation, arrangement, and meaning. Punctuation: Punctuation marks are used in writing to separate sentences, clauses, and phrases. Sentence Structure: The arrangement of words, phrases, and clauses to create well-formed sentences in a language.
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Do you think grammar and punctuation is important to learn?
  • Yes, they are necessary for effective communication.
  • No, they are too complicated for 7th graders.
  • Maybe, depending on the student's needs and interests.
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The Oxford comma (also known as the serial comma) is used to separate the last two items in a list of three or more items. It is also used to prevent ambiguity. The semicolon (;) is used to join two independent clauses, or two complete sentences. It is also used to separate items in a list that already contain commas. The em dash (—) is used to show a break in a sentence, whether for emphasis, interruption, or to create an abrupt change in thought.
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What are the differences between grammar and punctuation?
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What are some examples of proper grammar and punctuation usage?
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Rewrite the following sentence, correcting any grammar or punctuation errors: "the dog ran to its owners house but it was too late."
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Think of a sentence you wrote recently. What punctuation did you use and why?
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Drawing activity
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What are some mistakes you could make when using grammar and punctuation?

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